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I've always put trailer hitches on anything I own..sometimes one on the front as well for winches, bicycle racks, cargo racks etc.
10 years ago I bought a cheap harbor freight 4x3 trailer for $100 to tow behind my Valkyrie with what was left of my son's bike up the Blue Ridge parkway and place at the search and rescue school he taught at in PA as a memorial. Since then I've used it I don't know how many times to move friends, carry bulky items, you name it.
Next month I'm heading to Washington from Florida with everything I need to supply water and electricity to a small off-grid homestead except for the IBC water tote...I'll buy one when I get out there. I'm guessing between the golfcart batteries, water pressure tank w/ pump, and a pile of solar panels, it's about 600 lbs at the most (the trailer is less than 100 and I've carried that on top of my Impreza while towing another trailer) so will be no harder on my Prius V than 2 fat friends in the back seat.
I definitely won't be setting any mileage records on this trip as I will have a rooftop carrier on top as well but that is what flexibility is all about. By adding additional carrying capacity to an economical car, i get the benefits of that economy most of the time but can still haul when needed without a huge vehicle.
I do have a couple capable heavier-duty tow vehicles at home but the 4x4 Astro will be used to move my sailboat to Washington when the time comes (I drove it from WA to FL last fall and gas was over $1,500) and since my housesitter blew the engine in my T-100 4x4, it's getting a Chevy diesel and will make the trip with an IBC tote full of veggie oil on the back (and running from it) and towing my Karmann Ghia Wasteland Weekend / Gambler car

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