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The head doc says 4-5 days and $125 to fix 0.007" of warpage.

Chorizo was only warped .003"!

I removed the camshaft pulley because the inner timing belt cover is melted, so I need to order one of those, too!

Since I have 4-5 days and I just looked up prices for the lower cover, I should be able to find a good price for an OEM inner cover.

Conicelli would have charged $29.01 total and shipped by the 15th while Majestic would have charged $34 and shipped by the 21st.

Much worse!

Google shows 15 dealerships, plus 6 eBay listings. Google only shows estimated deliveries for 7 dealerships and only two would allegedly arrive by the 14th.

Conocelli would be the cheapest at $36.82 and would ship by the 16th while Majestic would have charged $42.25 and delivered by the 22nd.

HondaPartsNow is the only one that figures out my city and state from the ZIP, but it doesn’t give a delivery estimate!

I cannot wait weeks!

The dealership in Chandler would charge $5 for a pickup!

None of them estimate deliveries by the 14th. Helpful Honda Parts estimated the 13th, but would charge $38.20 to ship!

I found 9 on eBay, 5 would arrive by the 14th, and the cheapest would be $33.99, $2.83 cheaper than Conocelli, 3 days faster, and less than half as much as the fastest dealer directly through their site.

Do you think the dealerships that use eBay have separate departments for it?

None of these eBay sellers showed up under Google Shopping, but they consistently ship faster and cheaper.

All right, $36.86 for that, $36.37 for the lower cover, $125 to resurface, and I think that is everything recent.

Mom replaced her old refrigerator as soon as I fixed the water dispenser and then the new one started leaking a month or two ago. Curiously it only seemed to leak at night, but late last night Mom made me drop what I was doing to look at it.

I finally pulled out the fridge and looked around; the water line had a pinhole leak where it went through the cabinet.

I don’t know who ran the original line, but they just drilled a hole in the cabinet. It wasn’t a smooth hole and I was surprised there wasn’t a gasket or something to smooth the edges.

My brother got a drink of water while I was back there and when the water shut off the line moved, so apparently it rubbed a hole.

It is possible our old refrigerator didn’t do that, so it didn’t develop a leak.

My sister ordered braided stainless-steel lines when she ordered the fridge, but I felt annoyed enough figuring out the water without replacing the lines, but I was younger and more innocent then! ��

I couldn’t cut off the water under the sink. I tried my locking hose clamp pliers, but they are from Harbor Freight, and when I tightened them they bent.

Dad bought a vise when we bought our first house when I was a kid. There was a workbench in the garage. We haven’t had a workbench since, but we still have the vise.

That did a pretty good job of clamping the line, but it was difficult to use! ��

I got to bed after 2 and woke up at 5:45 to run to Home Depot, buy a tub just big enough for my cylinder head, Scotch Bright, and dishwashing gloves.

YourMechanic says to soak cylinder heads in soapy water, which didn’t sound right, but I don’t have my brake cleaner, so I tried.

I used a tub for the greasy parts of my Camry, but it was bigger than I wanted, although I planned on putting the new tub in the larger one, in case water leaked.

Apparently the new tub wasn’t strong enough for a large piece of aluminum, I started running the bath, went to grab something, and the bathtub was full of greasy water!

There were giant cracks in my new tote!

I still haven’t cleaned that…

I scrubbed everything, but just got an even coating of grease. I rinsed it off, took everything outside, and used my compressor to dry it the best I could.

There was a ton of grease on my table, but my cylinder head looked pretty good!

There was a ton of grease on me, too! ��

I couldn’t use my exhaust nuts to remove the studs, there wasn’t enough room for my wrenches, so I figured I would buy some from Ace, except they do not open until 8. I drove another 4 miles to Home Depot for 2 nuts, but they only came in a 5-pack, and then I immediately lost 2 nuts and a stud.

I eventually found them in the engine!

Maybe I should have removed those studs before I tried to clean anything. It is possible that one of them poked a hole in the plastic, instead of a heavy corner.

I think that I should have bought a metal pan instead.

I didn’t drop off the head until 10, but that did not seem to matter. I came home and replaced the water line, which required removing the dishwasher.

The wood was pretty damp!

I set up my shop fan and left it until my brother came home, about 4 hours, but it didn’t dry very well.

I will try again with my brother’s bathroom heater when he leaves on Friday.

I napped for 3 hours, saw my client, and then tried to replace the stupid plastic handle on the valve under the sink, but I couldn’t get it to go on, even though it looks identical, and it looks like it should fit.

I want to run to Ace when they get around to opening tomorrow, buying a slightly longer screw, and see if I can convince them to cohabitate, but I might just strip the screw hole.

Can you buy ” washers?! ��

I think the valve is busted. I used pliers to turn it and it just spun forever, but we finally have cold water in the sink, and the water dispenser in the refrigerator works right! ��
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