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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I disliked sat radio from day 1 because the audio quality was junk, and that's coming from someone that's not exactly an audiophile. Musk says a technology needs to be at least 20% better than existing to overtake it. I preferred FM sound quality over the compression of sat, and HD radio surpassed that, so the 20% threshold was not met.
I had Sirius sat radio back when I lived in Alabama and had a 180 and then 130 mile round trip commute which both took 3 hours. I didn't care about the quality of my news broadcast - I cared that I could listen to the same station for my entire commute. With FM I would run out of FM station range several times on the commute. Just start to get interested in a program and then .... static .... time to find something different.

Then there were the commercials. FM radio is 40% filler and commercials. That gets REALLY old if you are in a car 3 hours a day.
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