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The machine shop says the head needs $450 in repairs.

I found rebuilt ones on eBay for around $400, but I cannot find heads elsewhere like I can engines and transmissions. I found a used one for less and cart-parts shows a-grade heads starting at $150, but nowhere near Arizona.

For once we didn't have snow, I didn't toss and turn until late, and I didn't need to do anything this morning, so I called to see if my client was at his day program. The manager got back to me at least 20 minutes later. He was there, so I went to see him.

The communication app that we have used for over 10 years showed a cloud download button. I tried to load it, but it kept saying it couldn't download. I turned on my hotspot and it said the same.

Once again it tried to update, but doesn't want to run on my old iPad, so it simply deleted itself.

I spent most of the session figuring out how to install the old version again and waiting for it.

When I thanked him and told him to have a good week he said "More," so I grabbed another 10 flashcards, and he said "Finished."

"No, you said more! We are doing these flashcards!"

This repeated until we had worked for over an hour and we went through 150 cards or something.

My brother had telespeech with the 4th-best speech therapist we know while I was gone. Mom has set up Zoom many times, but said she couldn't make it work, so she used her iPad.

How much do you want to bet I can pull it up right away?

My Friday morning mom canceled saying her kids are already down in the valley for spring break.

"Can we still do Zoom?"
"No, Mom is old, and technology scares her."


Well, I can try to make up a session with that client in a day program.

Hopefully the app still works!

How do I prevent it from updating?

Since it will not update, just self-destruct?
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