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'Anton's 'drama' with GRBs'

If you'll go to NASA, where Anton got all his data, and read their account ( hundreds of pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the story's a little different.
* satellites were not 'blinded'
* the event lasted over ten hours, not minutes
* it was 'among the most powerful' not THE most powerful
* the final results won't be around for awhile
* when the results ARE in, they'll be posted @
There was a similar event discovered , 7:13 p.m., EDT, September 15, 2008, GRB 080916C, a one-pulse, and never seen again observation, from the same Fermi Large Area Telescope satellite package, 'the most powerful by all metrics.'
Free nitrogen and free oxygen, in the thermosphere, are highly absorptive of gamma-ray.
The thermosphere heats up.
The thermosphere 'atmosphere' expands.
The thermopause rises.
Satellites are exposed to the expanded nitrogen, oxygen, and helium, and experience drag, otherwise not present.
Engineers just 'design' for it, add boosters to raise them back up, or Space-X is hired to go up and push them back up.
Presently, there are 38,000 satellites in the thermosphere, including the International Space Station.
Big whoopy!
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