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Originally Posted by Mcgiiver View Post
Frontal area actual shadow, not simply width times height. = 20.29 sq.ft including mirrors.
Height 51.6"
Width 69.9" not including mirrors.

cd= 0.29
If you draw a 'box' around the gross profile, all the areas that are not 'vehicle' must be subtracted from the gross area. And then the area of the mirrors must be added in for the 'total.
W- 69.685-inches
H- 60.984-inches
Gross area = 29.5116 square-feet
Net area = 24.50-square-feet
Equivalent to 83.018% of gross area.
Since carmakers aren't terrifically forthcoming with official frontal areas, we're forced to estimate, just to be able to do math.
If, at a later date, we get access to the actual data, we just adjust our values accordingly.
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