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I finally retrieved my head from the four points of contact!

One of the spark plugs had agoraphobia and was harder to remove than the head bolts!

It came out with threads from the head and was stuck in the socket.

The shop charged $18 to install an insert.

I guess that is cheaper than buying a kit and doing it myself.

I was going to change the oil in the Camries and use that to flush the 2002 Civic. Since the shop was taking longer I was going to do that first.

I would rather take care of the cars that just need an oil change before discovering what exciting new drama awaits me.

The friend has been in the hospital since Sunday. All that she knows so far is that she has at least one marker for cancer. They have taken 13 vials of blood (that she has mentioned), had various scans, and a biopsy.

I have seen my clients, but otherwise have stayed on the computer as much as possible so I can respond promptly to her updates.

I would have started resurfacing Mom's picnic table, but I couldn't find my sander!
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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