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I finished up the rough fairing! My phone is having issues with uploading so here’s a sneak peak from my YouTube channel. After around 50km of burnouts, highway pulls, and top speed runs, the scoot still gets an estimated 100 MPG or 2.35 litres per 100km. I was not able to break 83 km/h so I looked into it and believe the bike has a restricted ECU. With the aero streamlining it smoothly purrs up to top speed, but then it just cuts power on me. Even on downhills or drafting trucks. It holds top speed easily with what seems like just a little load on the engine, so I’m sure it can go higher.

The fairing is actually practical so far. I would freeze a lot previously and come home shivering. Now the only things to get cold are my hands. I rode a good 40km of highway at 80 km/h in -3 degrees Celsius; not bad at all. It does seem stable as well: I was passed by several semi trucks and noticed no impact from the turbulent wake behind them.

I am wanting to design better streamlining at the rear. The front is well done and splits air around me without increasing wake too much. I don’t think there’s much for air to reattach to down low in the rear. A tail is smart but like I said lots of parts on a moving swing-arm with good travel to it; complex.
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