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Mom wants me to apply to a dental school, says she would move with me, and sell the house.

All of these things are subject to change.

A.T. Still University is a school of Osteopathic Medicine in Mesa. Supposedly they have various and sundry programs, but I only hear people talk about their dental school.

I went there in before having my wisdom teeth removed August 18th of 2005 after the district benefits nazi tricked me out of dental benefits and suddenly I had tons of dental problems.

Curiously, the school opened in 2007.

I recently ran across a message I sent a friend a couple of years ago where I mentioned that A.T. Still was opening up an SLP program, but didn't consider the G.R.E.

There site gives out very little information, they answer most questions with "It varies from year to year."

What is the mean, median, mode, range, ballbark, etc?!

Give us some idea!

It was easy to find the tuition, though--$39,600 annually!

The usual corollary of "Have you considered applying to grad school?" is "Have you considered applying to an on-line program?"

Do people think that it is easier to get into on-line programs?

I was middle-aged and carefree! I moved close to school and had the GI bill. My only job was the Guard, so I didn't need to juggle schedules and responsibilities.

However, I only attended in-person because the GI bill would have paid half as much for an on-line program!

Who wants to attend in-person?!

I kind of do. I feel that I should make relationships and whatever, but I spent another 2 years at ASU, and didn't make any relationships.

I did better in my on-line classes, at least through ASU.

MUMU is garbage!

I figured that not nearly as many people would apply to a program this expensive, so I looked it up on the website for the American Speech & Hearing Association, and it says that 57 people applied last year, and Still made 49 offers.

That is 86%!

Midwestern has a campus in Glendale and they charge even more. Last year 157 people applied and they made 105 offers, which is 67%.

SLPDegreeFinder shows the SLP programs at the state schools and Midwestern. They say that NAU charges $27,000, UofA (the highest-ranked in the state) charges $31,500, ASU charges $39,500, and Midwestern charges $89,000, so Still charges about twice as much as the state schools--and 89% as much as Midwestern.

It is curious that Midwestern charges more and accepts fewer, but I do not know how accurate any of these numbers are, which is great.

They say that UofA accepts 21%, NAU accepts 29%, ASU accepts 33%, and Midwestern accepts 55%, which you may know is not 67%.

I have almost $17,000 in the bank and only owe taxes, but usually need to pay $5,000.

NAU says that the annual tuition and fees for 3 credits a term is $3,608, so I could have taken 6 classes.

Maybe I should have?

I earned 2 Cs and 4 C+s and have a total of 175 credits. In theory I could improve my GPA from 2.92 to 3.1, although I don't know I don't know how MUMU might mess up that.

I also attended a community college, so I would have 4 schools on my transcripts.

Anyway, Mom says that she and my brother would need to move with me so I could continue to take care of them, and she could help take care of him, but we would be near my sister and her family, and we had better be able to find a decent respite provider!

The cheapest site-built home I found within an hour is $290,000, and Zillow says that payments would be $1,801. The housing allowance would be $2,382, almost as much as I earn working for 2 agencies, and the mortgage payment alone would be over $2,000 more than I pay Mom.

I did a bunch more math, but there is a nice house, larger than Mom's, although the lot is about 60% as large, and they are asking $1,900 a month, and it is 12 minutes from Still.

How is that so close to the cost of the mortgage of a smaller house?!
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