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First morning of delivering at my new job! Things I learned:

- got a p0420 code yesterday. Previous owner gave me a new cat converter with the car, maybe I should install that?
- warm up times are kinda slow on these cold mornings, and coolant temps seem to settle between 200 and 210, per the scangauge. Would I be safe to insulate and raptor line the underside of the hood to keep things warmer? Anyone know the safe limits of this engine?
- 45 psi in the tires is noticeably harsher than 35 on the notoriously crappy roads around here. Gonna drop them to maybe 42 or 40.
- need to remove rear seat backs, partly for weight reduction but mostly because they dont fold flat and I need the room for the boxes I deliver.
- the cold made my knees hurt, and I'm only 23 glad I got an auto instead of another manual, even if it makes hypermiling harder.
- probably forgetting something, just excited to burn through this tank so I can get my baseline and start modding.
- the car does seem to use DFCO, but its hard to keep it there compared to my stickshift truck. Still, its something to keep in mind.

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