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some additional AirShaper data from AirShaper

An online search for ' cutting-edge low-drag aerodynamic technology' led to, 'Electric Car Range Drives Race For Aerodynamic Efficiency,' February 16, 2022, by Wouter Remmerie of AirShaper, in conjunction with data by Vincent Keromnes, domain leader, dynamic benchmarking at A2MAC1.
1) 3-D scans of Tesla, meshing, and CFD results were compiled, back-to-back with full-scale wind tunnel tests at the S2A wind tunnel.
2) The AirShaper results overestimated drag by 9.7%.
3) The cost of scans, meshing, and CFD, equaled the cost of the full-scale wind tunnel testing.
4) In the USA, that might equate to $ 4,000 for the 1st iteration.
5) In order to test a modification would require the expertise of someone fluent in CAD-CAM in order to modify the point cloud of the digital model, mesh it, and then rerun the CFD.
6) The discrepancy introduces 'noise' which exceeds the 'signal' resolution of many modifications we might be looking for, 3.5% in this instance.
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