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Well they finally gave us plates to get this Miles ZX40 officially on the road last saturday, man has this been a pain.

We are driving it with or without an ordanance (we are avoiding 35mph streets though just in case someone is a jackhole).
The front battery seems to be shot it drops to 9.6v after 5-10 miles The #2 battery isn't much better.

On the flat the car accellerates
0-10 in approximately 5 seconds
0-20 in approximately 14 seconds (inclines make a hug difference)
0-25 in about 50 seconds

It g r a d u a l l y accelerates to about 26mph on the flat though the 45 degree weather is probably not helping things.

I have had it up to about 32mph with a few gradual hills and it maintains speed a long time so long as there isn't an incline.

This thing is MUCH more affected by hills than my comuta, a very slight incline affects the speed by 4 mph easily. Up normal hills I can maintain 18mph, up steep hills I can only go about 14mph with 3 people and a backup generator (just in case)

The ride as far as I'm concerned is excellent better than my TDI jetta, I overinflated the tires a tad so ride isn't as good but I could care less.

I still don't have a title but at least I can drive the thing.

Is anyone here willing to look at the 4 speed transmission tech manual for this vehicle to see if there might be a way of reenbling the transmission? Looking myself I can't seem to make out what I would need to accomplish.

If I can't find a way of jeryrigging the tranny I will probably end up putting in a field reduction wire and contactor (my comuta blew one side of the forward reverse so I have on available)
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