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I thought I should update this wierd but true thread. You never know who's lurking!

I'm getting some inconsistent results FE-wise, but my little rice racer has NEVER run so great, since I started adding Acetone to my gas!

First of all, let me go update my 'fuel log'...

Okay, I updated the log: BDC's Fuel Log -

A couple of oddities happened since I started playing around with Acetone. For instance, QT has these little 'security stickers' on their pumps in my area, e.g. if the sticker is broken on the gas pump door, that means somebody has been inside. They do this because scammers were chipping the pumps, in this area, and stealing ppl's credit card numbers.

The pump I have been using had this weird creaking sound, like it was rusty, or something, when I pumped the gas. The seal has been broken, and the creak is gone, so I *suppose* somebody has replaced the meter, or whatever.

Since I got such a bad mileage reading on my 2nd Acetone 'top off', after the 'security seal' was broken, I decided to start using another pump!

Thought #2 - maybe I'm getting carried away with the Acetone, e.g. adding too much, so I started cutting back, and my mileage has started getting higher on every fill (see my 'fuel log').

Weirdness #3 - when I went to 'top off' tonight, QT had ALL THE PUMPS cordoned off with tape, and somebody (with a service truck) was messing with ALL THE PUMPS. Hello?!?!?

Anyway, my first impression is... a little Acetone goes a L-O-N-G ways!!!

The more Acetone I dump in my car, the better it runs - but the less mileage I get, sooo...

I'll keep adding less n' less Acetone until my mileage peaks, and it starts going the other direction... then, I'll add more n' more and see if it comes back up again. In other words, I'm seeking a 'happy median'.


This is EXACTLY WHY I hoped Acetone would NOT make a difference...
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