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vacuum pump for brakes

OK Ben, how about a vacuum flask or receiver? Something with a capacity of a gallon or so with a wrecking yard check valve between the vacuum pump and the storage tank will help in stop and go traffic. It might run the vacuum pump longer for a while but you will have brakes even with everything shut off. The vacuum cutoff switch is a MUST.

I was thinking about getting a Ford electric vacuum pump as used to run the dashboard vacuum controls and let it pump its merry (cheap and low amp) heart out until 22 inches vacuum is reached in the storage tank. I am eyeballing an old twin tank air compressor for a tank. John Wayne ran on one lung. So can my compressor.

Like you, I scrounge for inexpensive parts. My Metro convertible was $100 with bashed in front end. That's why there is so much red metal on a white frame. Keep up the good work!
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