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As you see the tail of the most efficient vehicle of the world is a bit quite longer :

ETH - PAC-Car II - PAC-Car II Miscellaneous

The speed is only of 18 mph. The lateral wind is considered.

The first rule for aerodynamics is wrote in a stone.

Aerodynamics rule 1 .

As exemple the NACA series at 20% thikness:

NACA 4 Digits Series

But people speak of laminar airfoils. Better for Human Powered Vehicles. But it is extremly difficult to achive those technics. A big precision is need to respect the ideal shape. Sailplanes factories use this technic. But for how much money. A good old WWII propelled airplane achive a Mach 1 top speed in dive.

I have also a project of an electric car :

But it is for later. Maybe for half 2009 or end 2009.

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