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Yes, I bought a backup, 2017 BMW i3-REx for my Tesla. Then I took it to a ribbon cutting celebration for ChargePoint Fast DC chargers only to have someone back into the passenger side door. I dropped it at the BMW (Be More Waiting) body shop this morning.

My plans:
  • Clear windshield film - gravel impacts lead to expensive replacement. The film should block air leaving to a small pit, not an expanding crack.
  • Recling passenger seat - so it can become 'Hotel BMW'. A water and bug resistant tent with floor panels will minimize hotel/motel costs. Camp out at a free L2 charger <GRINS>.
  • Aero wheel covers - a significant source of drag, the spokes work like fan impellers. At least one credible SAE paper shows this is a significant drag source.
  • Aero mud guards - one in front of each wheel and possibly one behind to minimize the head-on wheel drag. If you don't let the air come to a complete stop, the drag goes down.
  • Tuff, ribbon, smoke testing rear body - mine has a 2" receiver so I'll make videos showing what the air is doing behind and under the car. Then I'm can make cardboard, bodies to measure their effects.
Accurate benchmarks, A-B-A testing, will keep me from fooling myself.

Bob Wilson
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