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Originally Posted by bwilson4web View Post
Yes, I bought a backup, 2017 BMW i3-REx for my Tesla. Then I took it to a ribbon cutting celebration for ChargePoint Fast DC chargers only to have someone back into the passenger side door. I dropped it at the BMW (Be More Waiting) body shop this morning.

My plans:
  • Clear windshield film - gravel impacts lead to expensive replacement. The film should block air leaving to a small pit, not an expanding crack.
  • Recling passenger seat - so it can become 'Hotel BMW'. A water and bug resistant tent with floor panels will minimize hotel/motel costs. Camp out at a free L2 charger <GRINS>.
  • Aero wheel covers - a significant source of drag, the spokes work like fan impellers. At least one credible SAE paper shows this is a significant drag source.
  • Aero mud guards - one in front of each wheel and possibly one behind to minimize the head-on wheel drag. If you don't let the air come to a complete stop, the drag goes down.
  • Tuff, ribbon, smoke testing rear body - mine has a 2" receiver so I'll make videos showing what the air is doing behind and under the car. Then I'm can make cardboard, bodies to measure their effects.
Accurate benchmarks, A-B-A testing, will keep me from fooling myself.

Bob Wilson
Have you looked at the YouTuber Bmwi3diy? he does lots of camping in his 15' rex, And the reclining seat idea reminds me a lot of the urban suite idea they had at CES2020.
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