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Smart Car ForTwo Pure - '08 Smart Fortwo Pure stripped
90 day: 51.35 mpg (US)

BMW 750iL V12 - '90 BMW V12
90 day: 26.4 mpg (US)

Wildfire 250C - '08 Shandong Pioneer 250C
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Ordered an Aptera typ-1h

Great info! I have an Aptera (claimed Cd of 0.11) on order...

"For comparison: Honda Insight Cd=0.25. Mercedes Benz's Bionic Car and General Motors EV-1 both have a Cd=0.19. Daihatsu UFE-III Cd=0.168. GM Precept Cd=0.163. Aerodynamics in Car Design shows that the Ford Probe IV achieved a Cd=0.152 and the Ford Probe V did even better with a Cd=0.137. "


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