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Reporgraming and Hacking moderm PCMs

Looking for help reprogramming and hacking modern CPMs.

And yes I know there hundreds of tuners doing programs for PCMs.

BUT everyone I talk to will not bother or do anything to make MPG.

I firmly believe today's cars, and especially SUVs, Trucks and Van are programed to waste fuel.

The 85 to 91 Camaros had a special program that could give them 30/35MPG VS the normal 20/25MPG, called Lean Burn Cruse. It was not used here in the US but in other countries it was.

I have two Ford Explorers that will do 28MPG at 50MPH and 1500RPMs but speed up to 60MPH and they now only get 18MPG...and yet speed up to 80MPH and still get 16MPG!!

That is a drop of 10MPG from 50MPH to only 60MPH and then only drops about 2MPG going from 60 to 80MPH.

I have a 03 Crown Vic that does NOT pull any such trick. It loses MPG at about 1 MPG per each 5MPH faster...

So if I can correct the gas eating trick and lay in a lean burn cruse program I could have a 03 Explorer getting 22 to 30MPG at say 75/85MPH.


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