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OK the Honda Insight was a hybrid electric vehicle, like the Toyota Prius...

For a little time I thought it was a ICE.

I know about OBDIs and EPROMS and tuning them.

I was hoping someone here was hacking into the 20020 to 2006 Ford PCMs...

If the Explorer would behave normally I would have no complaint: a normal car loses 1 MPG per each 5MPH gained, so if it is getting say 30MPG at 50 it should then get 29MPG at 55, and 1 more 55 to 60 so now 27MPG and then 60 to 65MPH and again 1 MPG lower so now we are getting 26MPG, 70MPH is 25MPG and 75 is 24MPG and 80 would be 23MPG. Perhaps a little more as wind is squared.

My two cars a 2000 Mercury and 2003 Crown Vic FOLLOWS that kind of a stead MPG drop.

This Truck does also ONCE they have taken 10MPG off at 60MPH.

30 MPG at 50MPG and 1500RPMS, 60 and boom 18MPG...then 1MPG per 5 MPH and will then do at 80MPH 16MPG....

That just is not right.

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