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Denis the technical writer

HI, I'm french and live in Normandy. I work for an engineering firm (software/hardware) in the city of Caen. I am currently documenting a test laboratory for radio frequency ID certification.

I'm what we call in France a "caviar leftist" : I drive a 1984 Mercdes S-class 280S with a four speed manual and crank operated windows but I am so "green" that my objective is to get a "clean", low pollution, economical car out of this. I am also unionized and involved in environmental issues.

My "green" (what else ) Mercedes already runs on E85 by my converting the Solex 4A1 carb and timing. Next is HHO and MSD ignition followed by some weight (junk the A/C - useless in France) and drag reduction (lower car, add underbody panels in front. I want a 28US mpg car that keeps about 165 hp ...

Lion sur Mer
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