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S class mods

Hi groar

I have always liked these big, solid, safe, quality S class Mercedes. I think that the W126 Mercedes is one of the best looking classic sedan cars ever designed. This car (1979 design) still has gutters but they are diminutive and flush with the roof. The wipers are semi-hidden,the rear fenders curve inwards at the back so that it is narrower that the main body portion and the overall shape was actually win tunnel tested for a Cx of around 0,36.

I intend to fit the car with Lorinser rims and Continental tires that ensure top roadholding and fill the wheel arches correctly -flush with body. This will also require lowering the car. I am thinking of an aluminum pan at the front and closing up the grille at the base of the bumper. Air for front brakes will still be sufficient and this car is not a mountain car but a "go to paris" car or a "go to Hendaye" beach car for vacation.

Did I mention that I take a bus to work ? Saves gas but for traveling, this is a TGV on wheels and one of the most relaxing cars i have ever driven.

I chose the 280S because it "only" has a 2,8 liter engine with a carburator - very good for ethanol mods and HHO supplement system. I will be doing these mods. The problem in France is that the lawmakers are not very favorabke to this but we ARE also Europeans and Brussels is into greener, cleaner, more economical transport with less CO2 emissions.

I want to not only save gas but lower all types of emission : CO, Nox, particules and other less-known pollutants (formaldehyde !).

The 280S has a rather advanced twin cam engine. I am currently fine tuning the engine in standard form.

And yes, I also agree A/C is useful in Toulouse but in Lion sur Mer, I just go for a swim at the nearby beach. For those that do not know, these beaches are exactly where D-day happened...

I will keep people posted on my progress.

As a baseline this 280S is said to do 9,5liter per 100 km at 110 kph. After taking a trip to Angoulème and Quimper during the summer, these figures check out completely ! So my goals are really not that ambitious. I just want to be realistic. Achieving in credible figures once is not very significant, it's the average that counts.


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