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Black Bullet - '19 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue
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Ioniq Black Bullet for sale - 90mpg

I will probably be selling my hyundai ioniq hybrid soon. I want to move on to a new 2023 prius with AWD for ski trips and dirt roads when gold prospecting

the ioniq is a super fun car to drive, 2019 model year, has instant torque and drives sporty. 5 seater, hatch back and tons of storage room

eco/aero mods are all removable and able to be put back on with a few screws. 91 mpg documented at 55 mph steady state cruise. low 70s when hypermiling in the city. Numbers may not be as high as an eco modded gen 1 insight, but this thing is bigger with more room, safer for wrecks, has instant ac from the hybrid battery, and will completely smoke an insight in acceleration and speed

also has super nanoceramic window tints that block 98 percent of IR rays so heat doesnt come in from the sun, including a clear ceramic windshield tint so you dont need a sunshade in summer. 800 dollar upgraded worlds brightest LED headlights too that shine over a mile away

170,000 miles, asking for 10k

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