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Every modern car company is using flat covers or even CONCAVE covers. NO ONE is using the moon cap style

VW XL 1 cover is flat. Hyundai Ioniq hybrids and even their EV successors are flat with a few ventilation holes

Mercedes EQS is flat but slightly CONCAVE inwards.

The Mercedes EQXX- aka the best aero beast on the planet right now- flat covers with a very small concave shape in the middle going inwards

Light year one/zero solar car with .18 CD uses COMPLETELY FLAT fully closed wheel covers.

Literally not one car on the market that’s cd .21 or below and in the last half decade uses those moon cap shapes. The trend tends to be flat. I’ll trust the top aero engineers for low drag cars in the 21st century and all the good CFD software versus old wisdom.
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