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Originally Posted by Vekke View Post
XL1 covers are not flat they are "convex" as you can see from my video shot at the vw dealer little while ago. They come out actually quite much.

There is other reasons than aero to manufacturers not use convex wheels. They get curb rash even more if spokes come outwards specially with those thin side profile tires. I have seen a study that concave vs flat wheels was about 1% penalty drag wise. Cannot find that study on my computer anymore though.
Well to be fair, that car is like a decade old so a lot of newer aero ideas hadnít been used yet, like air curtains or extended diffusers. The xl1 wheels are more pizza pan shaped which I would say are a hybrid of convex and flat. Not building out and rounded like moon caps. They probably did it for stability and strength of the wheel and to align more with being straight with the body panels. Iím just saying the newer hyper efficient EVs are using more flat covers from this decade
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