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Geo Metro Block Heater How-to

I picked up a Kat's 850watt block heater today. Part #13080 at my local Napa store. It retails for around $75 but I got a discount because I am good friends with some of them up there.

I had to buy 5/8" heater core hose, they had a 6ft. piece for $5.94 at Advance auto. More than enough for this project, enough to replace all the heater hoses. Might as well while you are doing this.

I also picked up a timer at Wal-mart that I am going to set for 1 1/2 hours before I leave for work in the mornings. I figured up this would cost me $1.27 for a month to use. Not to shabby for a nice warm car in the morning.

The packaging.

The kit, notice the MD can by it the heater is fairly small.

This is how you will want to orient your bracket.

A good mounting location I found, just make sure it out of the path of the cv shaft. That would not be good. The heater also has to be lower than where you are connecting to allow gravity to do it's job.

This is the hose I tied into.

Done enjoy a nice warm car in the mornings. Also the added benefit of better fuel economy.

Make sure to "burp" the system of air, and when refilling system leave outlet of heater unhooked. Watch for coolant to fill the heater before connecting upper "outlet hose" marked by an arrow on the case of heater.

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