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Originally Posted by Appletank View Post
So the generally agreed upon coasting hierarchy is E-Off Neutral, E-On Neutral, E-On Gear, Brakes.

Was wondering where would coasting in gear without DFCO would fall, and if anyone else has experimented with this. Weirdly I can feel the steering wheel vibrate a bit at very low throttle openings. FF drive, so whatever the engine is feeling is bouncing through to the steering column, not sure why. Lugging is too low RPM, right?
Sounds about right.

I often clutch coast in the TSX because N to 6th shifting seems like it would put excessive wear on syncros. Some say that's rough on the clutch, but I have no opinion yet.

Lugging and feeling the result is an indication of harsh operation. Avoid that. Engines operate efficiently at higher RPM where lugging isn't necessary... I probably lug more than I should.
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