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The VX - '92 Honda Civic VX
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Exclamation Civic VX VIN Info

So you've found a Civic Hatchback that you want to buy online but don't know for sure if it is a VX model...Well look no further, you've found the Answer-all thread to see if a stock, unmolested car is a VX. All you need to do is check the VIN.

Here's the breakdown of the first 8 numbers of the VIN:
  • 2HGEH236 = Civic VX (1992 ONLY)
  • 2HGEH237 = Civic VX (1993-1995)

The 10th digit indicates the model year:
  • N = 1992
  • P = 1993
  • R = 1994
  • S = 1995
You can use this HONDA VIN DECODER to determine any other VIN you may see while looking for your VX.

The engine code stamped on the block to the left of the exhaust manifold (Red Arrow) will be D15Z1.

I hope people find this very useful for finding/buying a VX.

This information will hold true for a vehicle beings sold with it's original drivetrain only! I cannot guarantee accuracy if an owner has swapped a motor or transmission. And as always YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).


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