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Question Eco racing?

Firstly long time no see guys i have to write in this forum for a while so today question is how to make a eco track car ? Lets justify what i mean a eco track car , a car which will get a great mileage in the track when it's pushed to the limit now i will tell you my ideas and i want you to tell me also yours or suggestions.

Firstly i believe in order to create a efficient track car its gonna be either fwd or rwd

Second i believe weight is the biggest solution instead of decreasing fuel economy with more horsepower (not always) horsepower can help you with higher top speed ,

Next is the right transmission which help a lot with economy but not all exist in the market which can provide both racing and economy advantages

Next is the aero which hard because in order to have more downforce the most times we need to create more drag to be more stable the only advantage we can have is the frontal area in order to decrease fuel economy

Lastly i thought is the fuel type (forget electric motors or hydrogen) maybe diesel is the solution in eco track car i know its pretty rare to see diesel power race cars due to weight of engines and how unpractical they are but we seen audi in le mans doing it so why not . Diesel cars can have the advantage of engine efficiency and more torque.
Last is the suspension which i believe they are not any improvements we can do in order to have more efficiency and both great handling what are your suggestions building a eco track car any improvements you might think

Goal is a efficient track car nothing to crazy

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