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I wonder if a car using an electric motor to drive with just the right size battery and generator to load level the power per lap. A dual motor setup might be better for regen braking front and rear. This way you use a higher hp electic motor and a lower hp generator, but the generator runs at peak BSFC. The battery supplies the accelation surge energy, and recharges braking and in the corners.

So say you took a model S plaid and removed about 4/5 of the battery. Replaced that weight with a 1.5 l turbo Honda engine making 205hp running a generator. So for a few seconds say 5 you use 1000hp, then your generator needs the 5 you accelerate, plus 20 more seconds to recharge the power used. The braking regen could cover the charging losses. Then you can accelerate again with 1000hp
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