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Originally Posted by Appletank View Post
So the generally agreed upon coasting hierarchy is E-Off Neutral, E-On Neutral, E-On Gear, Brakes.

Was wondering where would coasting in gear without DFCO would fall,
Seems to me that if you are adding the engine drag like dfco but keeping the injectors pumping that you are only one step above pushing the gas pedal.
E-on neutral and E-on gear can flip flop around in different conditions such as coasting distance, incline/decline grade%, etc. Dfco (e-on gear) will sometimes be better than e-on neutral since e-on neutral is still using some gas where dfco uses none.
I'm curious about your aversion to neutral coasting. It's a great invention.
Get bored very quickly. Vibe, Saturn, and crv all long gone. Been a while but I'm back in the game, gunna see what I can do with this Corolla.
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