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'better than'

Originally Posted by Phase View Post
isnt a bad boat tail still better than no boat tail at all? even if it sheds vorticies?
I'm not gonna go down that road. I'm a 'STEM' kinda guy, so we can part ways here.
If you ever develop an appetite for quantitative aerodynamics, you might keep an eye on England.
Dr. Jeff Howell and his merry band of researchers at Loughborough University have been in the weeds researching boat-tails.
As of 2023, they've covered 3-elements of boat-tail technology. His model-maker, Max Varney, has moved on to the Mercedes Formula 1 team.
If he can get someone to fill Varney's shoes, and can construct, test, document, and publish findings for one element per year, they ought to be able to cover all remaining elements by 2027, having caught up to 1922.
Since they're isolating one variable at a time, it will be the most granular data ever captured for boat-tail technology.
Best to you on your projects.

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