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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Are you shopping for a Yaris, hwh?

I also know someone who got a great deal on a Mustang GT (5 liter - or whatever they are now).

Take heart: for all the people buying Triton V8's lately, there are also a bunch of people who have probably come to realize the folly of it, and have permanently downsized. Ford is convinced that shift in the market has already taken place.
Well if I didn't commute at all or very far, I'd probably buy a Mustang GT over a Yaris if they were the same price. I mean I like to save gas but spending $60 for gas vs $30 a month is worth owning a V8 rwd car atleast once in my life. I'd also think if they were aggresively hypermiled they would put up 30 mpg atleast. I do some autocross and I'd like to do some track days so it wouldn't be for "show" but relatively cheap entertainment! The Yaris would be fun too but not quite like a Mustang.
For my commute a Yaris is probably in my future which is fine, the more new ones bought, the used ones will be around when I need one!

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