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Back in 2021 Honda had slightly different plans apparently.

The direction they are taking now looks interesting.

I do wonder about the driver's perception disorientation or feeling of remoteness and disconnection caused by the windscreen being so far in front of the driver (Canoo is the worst offender).

I mean I've always advocated for such designs conceptually but there are impracticable aspects about them.

Most notably an early adapter of such a design solution was the 1990 Pontiac Trans Sport which I saw someone misjudge distances and hit a curb flipping the vehicle over.

Back to the Honda, I find it peculiar that in a world of 3D development software it looks more like a 2D design folded up together, much like what concepts in the late 1970's sometimes looked like.

This is one of those designs I'd have to see in person. Maybe it will grow on me, it does have a nice profile, just not sold yet on the front 3/4 view.

Aerodynamically speaking, it should have attached air, meaning lower drag.
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