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' diffuser, skirts,.......................'

Originally Posted by Phase View Post
Well I know the shape isnít ideal. I was just building a version without a diffuser. I canít put my rear wheel skirts on till I get my all season tires back on. My snow tires are too thick and the wheeel skirts donít fit on. The eqxx and all these low drag Chinese cars donít use wheel skirts though so they canít be THAT important. From my understanding, the roofline is the most important of any of the 4 sides. I was just wondering what the 3 sided boat tail provided versus a proper full one.
* I gave you a 'glimpse' of a diffuser-less tail, and it's ramifications above, at 5). And Lawrence Livermore's tail sides were 'rigid' enough to 'hold' their geometry without deforming aero-elastically under load.
* As you continue your aerodynamic journey, you may come to reverse what it is you believe about the value of wheel skirts. All those Chinese cars are 'Paris Dressmaker' cars, not 'aerodynamic' cars, as is the Vision EQXX. When Daimler-Mercedes Cars gets serious about drag, you'll see them revisit their 1978 C-111- III technology. 'Skirts' are a component of 'wheel integration' and truly low-drag cannot exists without them.
* If a roofline is used solely for pressure recovery/drag reduction, it loses about 60% of it's potential, so, it's 'conditional.' You can see how crappy they are from Fachsenfeld's 1935 research in Stuttgart.
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