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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
The Vision EQXX is 'illegal', currently not fit for production in it's present state, due to it's A-pillars and mirrors. In order to bring the car into regulatory compliance would require sacrificing some of it's Cd 0.1716.
M-B had Cd 0.18, 27-years ago with their C-Class-sized F300 concept, so, NO, I'm not impressed. I am 'pleased' that they're willing to have a public conversation about 'aerodynamics.
Lightyear has half-skirts.
One might imagine it's range with GM's 1987 Aero 2003A's full-skirt package, front and rear, and Cd 0.13.
Other than for air conditioning, it would have no need of a radiator inlet, as IZUZU Glider and Vision EQXX.
And as to Lightyear's 15 km rating, under what actual circumstances does that metric stand? How would I be required to drive that car in order to realize that value, and does it have anything at all to do with how I might choose to drive it? I don't drive on dynamometers. Your question is extremely contextual. Give me the context, and I'll try to be specific.
As to your '1-mpg', it would only mean something to me if I actually knew what you had done to the car. Nothing can be discerned from your photographs. The FBI and CIA have software which could tease out dimensions from orthogonal projections, but I've no access to technology like that.
You've yet to build a tail. You have no 'advance-knowledge' ( a priori ) as to how it might perform, one way, or another. Skirts, no skirts.
The experts say to include them.
Building a tail for the Ioniq is out of the picture with 200,000 miles on it already. Iíve just been playing with the idea. When I get the new awd drive 2024 Prius, I will be 100 percent building a removable trail hitch boat tail that looks nice and professional so I can recoup the gasoline costs

Iím saying that without any other mods, wheel covers versus no wheel covers is about only 1mpg difference. Granted thatís over 10 miles of extra range which could make a difference in what gas station I can make it to for cheaper gas on a road trip or not. The wheel skirts at this point when on just give a personal style to the car, and gets attention and people asking questions about aerodynamics in parking lots. It helps my Ioniq not look like every other Ioniq here in Portland.

With the rear cavity fins on though, the rear wheel skirts may amply how affective they are. So I may have to do another before and after with the skirts on since they feed clear air to those
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