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'rear skirts' aero penalty'

Originally Posted by Phase View Post
How bad is the added frontal area of the fender skirts affecting things?
* Measuring, and scaling from an IONIQ blueprint, the width of the car at the rear wheel arch location is approximately 48.3mm narrower than at it's maximum cross-section width of 1821mm( ignoring the side mirrors ).
* Which gives a 24.15mm narrowing of the body on each side. Nearly an inch.
* Best I can tell from the drawing is that, your added skirt frontal area essentially remains within the 'optical' shadow of the car, and doesn't actually increase projected frontal area, as defined by industry standards.
* If you had a means to align a pocket laser along the centerline of the car, and then move it transversely, maintaining a 'perfectly-parallel' light path, out to the outer 'edge' of the body, and down the sides; you'd be able to determine whether or not the skirts were actually projecting beyond the original 'footprint' .
* A bridge fiducial used in the design studio would tell the tale, as well as Hyundai's CAD-CAM data cloud.
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