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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
One might wonder what "intrigueds" experience is with E85?

Because I have used it for years. Like you, I have had good results.

He may not be aware that, yes, pre- 1988 vehicles may have fuel system components that were not ethanol resistant. Post '88... let 'er rip!
When I worked for the GM dealership (about 1986 to 1994...) our "driveability" techs had all been told at the GM schools we went to (Kansas City or St. Louis) that it was a no-no to use any kind or amount of ethanol. As I remember it was an o-ring issue. There may have not been too many of the techs that went to school after 1988, but isn't that a generalization? I am going to have to pay more attention, but I read somewhere - don't have any idea - that just within the last few years could all cars handle the 15% stuff, but that the E85 had to still have special considerations fuel-system-wise...sooo, can you tell me where you got that '88 number, Frank?

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