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My tires are at max (50 psi) and I can tell when they are down a month or so later when I have to reinflate. My car coasts in neutral approx. 1/3 less with 35psi vs. 50 psi. There are times when I'm at max psi that I don't touch the gas pedal for close to a mile on my commute to work.

While I don't have stats to back this up the only two mods I made starting from 17 mpg before ecomodder was max psi and driving technique. When my tires are at 35psi my mpg is down 1-2%. I know it doubt. I'm 33% over epa and I noticed 1-2 mpg gain after inflating my tires to 50 psi.

If you check my fuel log and look at the 27 mpg I pulled on a summer roadtrip I guarantee it is all due to P&G with 50spi. I used to get 22 mpg on those trips a year earlier.
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