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Originally Posted by s2man View Post
Instead of swapping the rockers, I'd swap the cam. With the SBC you have a world of choices, including economy cams. An econo cam would not only change the lift, but also the timing and duration. That way, your whole valve train would be tuned for economy, instead of just changing the intake lift.

I wish I had as many cam choices for my Cavalier. My only options seem to be stock, two racing profiles, or a custom grind. I think I'll just advance the stock cam 5 or 6 degrees, and call it good.
Yes this is true, but the difference is I can swap out all 8 intake rockers in 30 minutes and be done. A cam swap takes longer and costs a bunch more. If/when I go deeper into the motor I would of course swap cams. I could still experiment with the 1.3 rockers. Which of course raises the issue of how to design the most economical conventional SBC. That would be the real home run here, and to do it right would have to incorporate all-electric accessories and stop/start capability.

WHy don't you swap in the powertrain from a Prius into that Cavvy? If you are running the GM V6, I believe that you have a cut-down SBC and you should be able to try the same rocker trick.
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