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Most of the 'charging stations' I have seen around my area are paddle type - not particularly useful for most electric cars around here. In many cases, I can find a standard outlet in parking garages, and ask the parking folks if it is OK to plug in. So far, I haven't had any problems.

The City of Alameda built a new parking structure, and I asked the City planning department to include a space or two for EVs to plug in. They installed three 110v/20a plugs - Good enough to put a few miles on while shopping or watching a movie! Better for the battery pack as well.

As there are a good number of GEMs, Xebras, and conversions with 110v chargers, (and one Citicar!) in the local area, it works out well for many people. One complaint from someone with a 220v charger, but at least it works for more vehicles than the paddle style ones did.
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