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This past Saturday morning I slugged down to the Toyota dealership to get the 'ole oil change. They nicely greet you at the door...process your car and then whisk you away to a comfy waiting area with 42" plasma TV's on the wall (full breakfast bar available if you want).

During the processing of my vehicle the "attendant" that does your paperwork (who is really a salesman) asked if I wanted the tires rotated. I obliged and mentioned that the tires are at 50spi and I'd appreciate if when they rotated them that they kept it at 50 psi (every time before they dropped it down to 35 psi without asking). When I mentioned the psi the attendant asked why I had them so high and here's the conversation (roughly what was said)...

Me: "at higher psi there is less rolling resistance which gives me better mpg's while I'm coasting in neutral."

Himafter a chuckle), "You believe in that stuff, huh?"

Me: "I've driven 1500 miles over epa for free since June partly because of my higher psi. Haven't you seen more and more SUV's available on your lot and less cars available since gas prices went up?"

Him: (in a robotic tone) "We can barely keep the SUV's on the lot and higher psi ruins your shocks and wears your tires out faster."

After this comment I expected the phone call an hour later to upsell new tires and shocks to me...thankfully it was only $25 for new wipers.

So with no interest from him in talking about saving gas I pedaled my feet away. And, as a fact (because I counted while I was waiting for my vehicle), they have exactly 3 used and 4 new prius cars available on the lot vs. 26 4runners, 42 tacomas and 28 tundras (and 22 FJ Cruisers). When I bought my 4runner in May of 2007 it was the only 4runner left on the lot!

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