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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
People outside america will recognize this as the most reliable form of an S class ...
S-class owners here in the States will also recognize it as being very reliable--because the systems you list are the "non-power" equivalents of the things that always break on our S-class MBZs!

Originally Posted by Denis View Post
Geesh, give me a break ! I'm 56 and have been "into" engines for 42 years. I have not seen magnesium used in normal production cars, aluminum is usually coated as I previously posted, and natural rubber and cork gasketed parts have not been used, I believe, since sidemount spare tires were in vogue.
I guess Porsches (and older VWs) are not "normal production cars" then? They used magnesium for a long time--crankcases for the early- and mid-70s 911s and all of the Bugs, intakes for later Porsches, valve covers, and so on. A number of more recent high-performance cars have used magnesium for "ancillary" parts (e.g., not inside the engine block) like intakes and covers and such in the interests of reduced weight.

Cork and cork+rubber gaskets were common on the VWs, at least, for many many years--yes, after side-mount spare tires went out of fashion.

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