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New to EM

Long time lurker, first time member.

I've become a member because I'm interested in trying to convert my dirty, filthy, nasty 1973 Yamaha U7e scooter, affectionately known as the Twenty-First Century Sex Machine*, to direct injection. I expect to hang around the DIY forums quite a bit.

I drive a 2004 Ford Focus, and I've managed, by slowing my speed to about 59-65 mph, to get 660 km out of roughly 45l, which works out to about 37 mpg highway. It may not sound like much, but at 65-70mph (100-110 km/h) I was getting roughly 32. The EPA score is 32 or 30, depending on the specific model.

I also own a 1961 Nash Metropolitan, hence the username. It's in no danger of contributing pollution, as it spends its life in a permanent state of restoration.

(*--The scooter's name hails from the Sigue Sigue Sputnilk song "21st Century Boy", and was occasioned by my wife who, when she first clapped eyes on the scooter, said "At least there's no danger anyone'll think you're compensating for anything!")

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