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I'd love to have a hybrid!


After eeking out a high of 47.5 in my xA; and most recently I have been seeing 41.5-43mpg -- because of the cooler weather and the denser air, (and winter blend of gasoline?).

This week I get to drive my Mom's 2005 Prius -- and during the first 175 miles I've driven it -- I averaged 58.9mpg!! Just like that; I shatter my best wit the xA, and I got at least 15-17 MORE mpg than I was getting just prior...


I don't have to shut it off at traffic lights, or in stop-and-go traffic. I only need to "downshift" (into 'B') when I need to slow down -- no coasting in neutral, etc. It's too easy!

Sincerely, Neil
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