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Isn't it great I rented an NW20 last year in LA... I thought it was very fun

The things you like are exactly why I like the Prius (and similar)....

Sure, you could get great numbers like that from a 3 cyl geo.... But people aren't willing to compromise enough... Give them a Prius, which is a fairly large car, and they get these great numbers no sweat. Little to no compromise, better FE.

Okay fine, there's hybrid SUV's - you'll go from 20 to 30 (or whatever)... But those additional 10mpg save more fuel than going from 45 to 60 o.0 It'd be great if they went from 20 to 60, but lets not yell at brick walls
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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