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I converted one about 25 years ago on a new Chevy Citation hybrid car project I worked on, but that was along time ago Making my memory fuzzier still, it wasn't my design, I was just machining the parts from sketches, did the bench and line pressure testing, fitting and assembly.

I know for a fact it's possible, if I remember right we used a 12v motor rated for continuous duty mated via lovejoy-type coupler, but if I remember right the amperage draw was not insignificant... in my view the only reason to use such an item was to have power steering assist when operating in EV mode.

I know you aren't going to do this, but having the above experience, I'd still advise you find a donor truck and scavenge all the tid-bits to make it manual steer. Surely less trouble than building your own electric power steering, but definately not as cool

good luck Ben
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