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What Goodyear taught me

I was considered a tire expert in a former life. I got tours and info that others did not. Here are a few bits for you...

1) DOT tires are tested to caryy 15% more pressure and weight than is listed on the sidewall.

2) Heat is a huge enemy of tire wear. Over inflated tires run cooler than underinflated tires.

3) The first 32nds of tread wear occur more quicly than the last usable 32nds.
Think of a pencil eraser.

4)For best tire mileage, combining 1,2&3 Put new tires on the car in the late fall and max inflate them. The cooler temps and extra air will help the tire wear more slowly when it is most vulnerable, thus giving extended tire life.

5)Plastic valve caps are only dust covers and the shrader valve is only supposed to be a temporary seal. Use a metal cap with a seal for higher pressures. For best results, use a metal valve stem with a sealing cap.
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