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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
Hey folks,

All this stuff with hyper inflated tires is fine but does it make economic sense ?

Overinflated tires will not last as long as normally inflated ones so while you save gas, you loose tire life ! Time for a reality check maybe
My response....
Prove it

I've got 20-25K miles on my tires inflated to 55 front, 50 rear.... Wear has been even, I still have more than half of my tread left.

Plus, I live in an area that gets a lot of heavy rain - having less hydroplaning risk has been a nice benefit

If you don't want to believe me (and all the others on this board with the same experience)... How about this?

And for thoroughness.... Stopping distance

In general, these data suggest that the road surface and depth of water on the road have a large influence over stopping distance. Given a specific road condition, one can compare the difference in stopping distance when the tire inflation level is varied. The Goodyear test results imply that tire inflation can have a significant impact on stopping distance*, while the NHTSA testing implies these impacts would be minor or nonexistent on dry surfaces and wet surfaces with very little water depth.
*# Stopping distance generally increases with lower tire pressure. The only exception was on concrete at 25 mph.

# With fairly deep water on the road, (0.050 inches is equivalent to 1 inch of rain in an hour) lowering inflation to 17 psi and increasing speed to 45 mph increases the potential for hydroplaning and much longer stopping distances.

# Except for 25 mph on macadam, the difference between 25 and 29 psi is relatively small.

FEA chapter III. tire pressure survey and test results

And that ends this reality check
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