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You people seriously need to stop quoting studies that compare Proper to Lower. 17 psi test results are completely irrelevent when discussing 35 vs 55.

I have raised my tires from 36/33 to 45/42. I notice longer coasts, rougher ride and DECREASED cornering and stopping ability on dry pavement. I race my car (on race tracks, not strips or ovals), so i can communicate with my tires well. I won't lower my pressures due to this decrease in grip, but that's only because I am a HIGHLY attentive driver compared to the masses, and I have high speed vehicle control training. If you think you know what you are doing, remember that 80% of drivers feel that they are better than 80% of drivers!

If you drive like a granny ALL the time and you stay well back from people in adverse conditions no matter how late you are, feel free to bump them up over 50. All others are in blissful ignorance land.
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